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Solving Your Upstart Brand Woes

December 15th, 2011

As a general rule, BlackDog doesn’t brand upstarts. Here are some resources to help get your brand new brand off the ground though…

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What’s a Brand?

Do You Need a Brand?

Naming Your Brand:

Slinging a Slogan:

Picking a great URL:

Finding Your Big Idea:

Differentiating Your brand:

Missions and Visions:

Components of a Brand Strategy:

Identifying Your Customer:

Identifying Your Brand Touch Points:

The Best Brand Book for Startups:

The Best Brand Books Period:

How to Write a Business Plan:

Identifying Core Values:

Developing Brand Standards:

Sponsorship  & Strategic Partnership Standards:

Diversifying into New Markets:

The Truth About Brand Loyalty:

Synching Your Brand with Your Brand Experience:

On Relevance, Transparency, & Avoiding Bullshit

Do Charitable Actions & Social Giving Build Brand Equity?

Bringing Your Humanity to Work:

Communicating your Differentiated Brand:

Brand & Social Media:

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