We Dare You

We dare you to find a brand house with the breadth of expertise that we have.
Or the results. Or the references.

You Need Brand Mother

You need Brand Mother Strategies. I’m not in the practice of doing commercials for my “vendors”. But Brand Mother is not just a vendor. They have so surpassed my expectations and hopes for this project. And they have made a significant impact on the future of our company. And these are things that I want for you, too. I encourage you to reach out to Brand Mother Strategies today. You won’t be sorry.

– Josh Bouk

Brand Mother doesn’t create strategies, they create NEW!

Since completion of the brand project we have received an internal university grant of over $500k to grow the Center, have received an increase in funding from outside partners, have filled our programs in record time, and most importantly, have had the opportunity to support more entrepreneurial ventures with focused programming that meets both their immediate and long term needs. Brand Mother doesn’t create strategies, they create new!

   – Tom Ulbrich

The Very Soul

Working with the Brand Mother team was a life changing experience. Their work is not about developing a new logo or tagline; it’s about tearing off layers to expose the core, the very soul of your firm. What really matters? Why are you in business? How are you different from everyone else? How does the rest of your team perceive this? How do your customers perceive this?
What I found was new and unleashed potential, autonomous growth, focus on personal and company strengths and a real compassion for the human element of why we do what we do. At the end you will have been brought to a new place with fresh ideas and a whole new understanding of yourself, your company AND your customers.

– David Fiegel

Making Reality

We are now doing and experiencing what we had only talked (and talked, and talked, and talked) about before. Brand Mother Strategies made our “big idea” a reality. Many of you in academia, government, and private industry have dreams that you would like to begin living. If you are interested in brand clarity, brand centric unity, and brand driven innovation this is the firm to call. I am grateful to the Brand Mother Strategies team.

– Dr. Malcom Nevens


Brand Mother positions brands to fulfill their potential. Declaring your place in the world is the best bet that you have of actually growing into and living up to the brand you’ve always wanted to be.

Brand Development & Positioning
Brand Evolution & Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Culture & Alignment
Brand Activation
Brand Architecture
Brand Awareness Strategies
Brand Experience Strategies
Patient Experience Strategies
Brand Voice
Brand Communications
Touchpoint Alignment
Branded Wayfinding
Branded Interiors
Brand Research
Unique Value Proposition & Client Segmentation
Destination & Place Branding
M&A Brands
Culture Brands
Cluster Brands

We understand the power of a focused strategy in the hands of a unified team.

Brand Mother knows the best strategies are meaningless without committed teams dedicated to execution.

– Dr. Elizabeth Milsom

We’re expert at knowing how people decide.

Dr. Gloria J. Zemer (@Brand Mother) brings a unique set of capabilities to her work; she is an insightful strategist with a matchless ability to interpret volumes of data; distilling what is relevant and valuable from the mundane distractions…

– Lui Yang


Our best successes are led by humble & motivated CEO’s that live in harmony across their lives having discovered how to connect their professional ambitions to their personal values.

Our clients take a long and deep view of brand; challenging their own leadership and stretching their organizations to achieve their fullest potential. They have a firm grasp on where they are now and where they intend to be. They differentiate their brands by confronting the risks and responding to the issues of their day. They dominate their markets by innovating initiatives and adopting practices that advance the sustainable future that they know is necessary and possible.

About Brand Mother

Brand’s overprotective mother defending substance with style for profit and good.

We nurture the mother of all brands to life for those that have a vision big enough to include the future. We look for Catalysts, Freethinkers, Renegades and Iconoclasts that intend to accomplish what others insist can’t be done. We develop brands that fulfill their potential by leading ahead of the curve from the back of the house. Leveraging meaningful change and internal competencies, we position sustainable practices, processes and experiences to ignite genuinely differentiated brands from the inside. Our humanistic approach produces abundant rewards for everyone involved; over-taxed decision makers are offered a clear brand choice that reflects their values and takes on the future, employees benefit from meaningful work that supports their lifestyles, ideologies and ambitions and shareholders reap the returns of an indomitable brand that produces a fat share of the market pie.

All brand houses are not created equal. We are business strategists that understand the redemptive power of an explicit brand in the hands of an aligned and motivated team. We are systems engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, environmentalists, social scientists, intermediaries, narratologists, anthropologists, biotechies, and organization developers. We are uniquely qualified to practice what we preach, given that we enliven a captivating brand of our own that represents a differentiated approach, distinguished competency and perspective that produces powerful benefits and remarkable results. Brand Mother positions purpose driven, sustainable brands to own a space, inspire engagement, ignite action, shift power, grow markets, innovate forward, and compete to thrive.

What Kind of Brand Do You Want to Be?


Our brands are found in 23 countries on five continents.
Many brand houses seek projects. We seek partnerships and accept challenges. We’ve only accepted 31% of the opportunities that we have been offered since 2009.
Brand Mother was launched on August 5th, “Working Like A Dog Day”. We’ve been at it ever since.

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