Hello world!

December 23rd, 2008

Welcome to our world of strategic branding. 

Funny thing, branding, it is in all of our lives.   So you would think everyone knows what it is.  Now most people think of a logo, or a color, or maybe an ad, when the term “brand” is bandied about.  And yes, that is certainly a part of “brand”.  But it is only a small part, not that it is insignificant, in fact it is critical…. but it is often over emphasized, or the sole focus, of any effort to improve an organizations “brand” and the methods that companies use to capture attention.  Authentic “brands” speaks quietly, one mouth to one ear, one customer to another, one community at a time.  The noise generated by loud marketing is overtaken by the duration of a relevant brand.

So if it is more than the logo, more than an ad, what is it?  “Brand”, as we speak, and some others like us, incorporates the whole of an organization….  operational, marketing, personnel, partnerships etc, etc…. PLUS an intangible flavor that bring the whole together…. forms the mojo of the place…  the lifeblood of the ecosystem that is the organization.  Brand is the basis of decisions through out the organization.  Brand is your choice in strategic partners.  Brand is the types of customers you have, and the type that will have you.  Brand is work when it is easy to quit.. Brand is thoughtfulness when it easy to ignore… Brand is giving back when times are tough… Brand is what takes you to the next level.

Can an organization exist without the whole of “brand”?  Yes, many do.  The more poignant question is “Can the organization thrive, grow, succeed, make a difference… ??”   We don’t think so.

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