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365: What would you like to brand?

January 18th, 2011

What have you been wanting to brand but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

A Public School (likely our next pro bono project). Every kid should know why they “attend” this place, what matters around here (authentically), what it means to belong “here”, what “we” collectively stand for, are made of and contribute to, and what the expectations and outcomes are beyond what everyone supposes is “obvious”.

Retirement Community

A triathlon with an interesting history and spirited purpose

A carnival in Brazil


Water; a product or cause related campaign having anything (healthy) to do with water

Branded art that captures and expresses the sense of people and place that come together to action a significant purpose

A philharmonic or symphony

Peanut butter and jelly

A Brewery

Library system

An arts or not-for-profit cluster. Yes, Porter’s cluster theory can be applied to cultural and human services…

The City of Amsterdam

A life saving device

Parking garages


Cruise Ships

Advertising/sponsorship criteria for Oprah’s OWN network. Smart partners make for an indelible impact.

Extreme Sports Brand


Surf Gear

A natural or man-made wonder of the world

Real toys


The exterior and interior working space that inspires a community of renegades; function, look, and feel.  “We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Something culinary


Visceral way-finding


Something that teaches the world to sing

Mountain bikes

Cereal…This may be a pro bono project that we commandeer as a public service announcement one of these days. Not because we love cereal, but because we are unnerved by the blatant advertising deception embraced by the dirty few that ultimately misleads the busy many.

Check it out yourself…Read Serious Play for Serious Girl’s case study “General Mills: A Case Study on Corporate Values” http://www.seriousplayforseriousgirls.com/?p=601 or the Rudd Center’s original report: “Cereal FACTS: Evaluating the Nutrition Quality and Marketing of Children’s Cereals.” http://www.cerealfacts.org/media/Cereal_FACTS_Report.pdf

p.s. *We’d love to design William Gibson’s next book cover

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