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365: Redux – Do Charitable Actions Build Brand Equity?

January 16th, 2011

How can a business build brand equity around a charitable activity without appearing to be “doing it just for the publicity”?

Another thought on an otherwise answered question:

The Medinge Group recognizes “Brands with a Conscience” annually.  The self-described think tank nominates organizations that demonstrate a genuine “contribution to the betterment of society through sustainable, socially responsible and humanistic behaviour.”

Though we don’t agree with every company honored, we recognize, appreciate, and respect that The Medinge Group is proactively attempting to “drive change” and ultimately influence “positive transformation”. The Medinge Group loosely articulates the following criterion on their website:

What makes a brand humane?

  • It has a visible conscience
  • It apologizes when things go wrong
  • It invests time and energy in relationship building
  • It promotes the value of caring for one another
  • It acknowledges that we are all fundamentally equal
  • It’s visibly accountable for all its actions
  • It takes risks in line with its values

Medinge 2011 Brands with a Conscience

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