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365: Do Charitable Actions Build Brand Equity?

January 15th, 2011

How can a business build brand equity around a charitable activity without appearing to be “doing it just for the publicity”?

If the purpose of a business’ charitable activities is just to build brand equity, they are “doing it just for the publicity.” It’s not a publicity stunt if a business has a Big !deaan inspired mission and vision worth supporting and carrying forth- and they use their time, talents, and resources to support a like-minded cause.

Businesses founded on Big !deas stand out and stand apart. If you’re communicating your Big !dea and conveying your purpose, your charitable contributions won’t be misunderstood. If your intentions are sketchy, if your mission and vision aren’t clear, or aren’t being successfully conveyed, you’ve got some brand issues to sort out. Get on it.

BlackDog believes we’re are all responsible for the ways we contribute to global and community problems or fail to contribute to their solution. Research indicates your customers agree with us…

  • 83% of consumers are actively willing to change their buying habits if doing so would help “make the world a better place.”
  • 61% of consumers have chosen a brand that differentiates itself through values, ideas, and impact over brands that differentiate on price.
  • “64 percent of people globally say they would recommend a brand that supports a good cause.”

So, stick up for your values and the issues that matter to you and your customers fearlessly.

goodpurpose: “Despite Prolonged Global Recession, an Increasing number of people are spending on brands that have social purpose: According to the 2009 Global Edelman goodpurpose Study.” New York, 2009; 21 (October).

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