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365: Is The Tiger Wood’s Brand Dead?

January 10th, 2011

Do you think the Tiger Woods brand is dead?

I think Tiger Woods is very much alive. I suspect that he is broken.

I believe that brands humanize business. Applied to individuals, brand has quite the opposite effect; reducing a sports hero to endorsements and sponsorship.

Brands remind us that when a community of focused citizens identify their unified purpose and are free to work to their strengths, tap their collective synergy, live their values, and bring their humanity to work…they are capable of producing products and services that actually speak to and meet our needs which in turn reinforces their motivation.

Tiger Woods is a private man and a public figure with extraordinary talent; like him or not. I don’t think of men as brands. I think that all fallible beings have personalities, style, ambitions, reputations, credibility, and desires that like anything else, must be kept in balance.

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