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365: How Does A Brand Diversify Into New Markets?

March 10th, 2011

We are taking an industrial product to new, broader markets. Should we be  concerned with losing the confidence of our existing and loyal markets?

It is critical that you first understand the markets that support the product lines now to wisely interpret the direction, synergy, and prospective untapped markets moving forward.

Diversifying into new areas of business demands thoughtful consistency to avoid unintended consequences. Coherence emerges when brand owners and developers understand the target audience’s needs and point of decision preferences. Consistency maximizes and provokes awareness; assuring current markets while encouraging new target audiences to “try” your product. Consistency is the quality that evolves the past forward, ensuring that the history and diversity of time and change come together seamlessly; communicating dependability to customers. Assuming that you know who wants it and why, consistency will be the certain challenge to manage through market expansions.

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