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365: How do you sync brand and brand experience?

March 5th, 2011

We have a brand experience process; but we have a very different brand experience. How do we sync what we want done with what is done to deliver the promised and hoped for brand experience?

Executing a brand is a strategy.

Brand strategies may be “believed” by contributors but they still require integrated systems to be operationalized and delivered.

Systems are created to clarify direction, resolve challenges and satisfy needs.

Healthy integrated systems are guided by principles:

1.)   Define, revise and pursue the purpose (outcomes):

You’ll need a sound understanding of the outcomes, the challenges, and the disparities as well as the related and unintended consequences to focus sensible solutions. Don’t trust assumptions.

Encourage everyone involved to adopt an open attitude and a resolve to improve and revise processes. Involve all insiders and outside eyes.

2.)   Take account of the people:

Integrated systems consider everyone that is impacted or affected by the need to be met and the process that resolves the need: specifically those that experience, use and maintain the systems.

Never hand down a system or changes without the input of the very people that work it into a reality.

3.) Be creative and open to new approaches to old ways of doing things:

Entertain and devise effective solutions to the real problems rather than force the problems into canned solutions.

4.) Think holistic; start with the end in mind:

Rely on a long view and critical thinking to resolve the disparity. Imagine what can go wrong at every phase in an effort to achieve a healthy work environment and an exceptional user experience.

5.)    Work the system:

A well-designed system does what it should and doesn’t do what it should not for everyone. Put changes into action.

6.) Engage the relationships and manage the project:

Proactively reconcile the inevitable conflicts that arise. Encourage users to provide insights and feedback relating every real or imagined concern. Encourage everyone involved to adopt an open attitude and a resolve to improve and revise processes.

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