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19 Components of a Brand Strategy

August 27th, 2009

Admit it…. you thought developing a strategic brand was crafting a mission statement, a logo and a tag line.  50 years ago that may have been all that was necessary.  Today it is a complex task that touches and should be touched by all parts of your company.  boardroom

When we work with an organization the objective is to build a statistically sound and measurable dynamic Brand Alignment Strategy that defies mimicking.  Through excavation and designful analysis, we  identify that which you are and that which you can be.   From here we establish an operational process that:          

1.) Tells an authentic story   2.) in an accurate voice   3.) to be communicated across a variety of suitable mediums and channels   4.) positioning Your Company’s   5.) relevant and   6.) differentiated firm before the   7.) prioritized    8.) market segments and   9.) decision makers in thoughtfully assessed   10.) niche, existing, and relevant untapped market shares.   The   11.) cohesive, Brand Alignment Strategy is   12.) designed specifically with brand, message, medium and market segment to   13.) capture attention   14.) provoke interest, and  15.) secure clients, all the while   16.) elevating Your Company’s   17.) relevance and   18.) credibility in a 19). repeatably innovative process.

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