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Top Shelf: Communications Reads We Recommend

February 2nd, 2011

“Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath
Why do some ideas make powerfully indelible impressions and others just don’t seem to stick at all? Chip and Dan Heath have the answer to what makes some ideas “stickier” than most. The official how-to guide on crafting and conveying ideas that capture attention.

“The Designful Company”
by Marty Neumeier
A designful writer, editor, marketer, or advertiser  crafts messages that are relevant, alluring, meaningful, transparent, accurate, and that actually matter. The Designful Company addresses the ways that divergent thinking can help writers align a brand’s messaging with its operations to maintain relevance and drive thought-leadership.

“Content Strategy for the Web” by Kristina Halvorson
The ultimate intro guide to creating, organizing, and managing web content that works. Halverson covers everything from auditing your existing content to figuring out your site architecture and long-term content management.

“Brand Digital”
by Allen P. Adamson
Loaded with case studies, research, and the hard-earned wisdom of industry experts, BrandDigital offers an insightful perspective on developing brand presence, touch-points, recognition, and engagement through digital mediums. An outstanding follow-up to Adamson’s book “Brand Simple: How the Best Brands Keep it Simple and Succeed.”

“Art Direction + Editorial Design”
by Yolanda Zappatera
An in-depth guide to conveying brand identity and connecting with target audiences through editorial design. Covers everything from layout design to color psychology, pull-quotes, and type- with excellent case studies and full illustrations.

“The Subversive Copy Editor” by Carol Fisher Saller
This University of Chicago Press manuscript editor shares her stories and advice to help writers and editors avoid squashing spirits, injuring egos, and create hostile relationships when editing someone else’s content- or trying to convey some else’s Big !dea. Saller’s tips and tricks are also helpful for navigating problem areas when you’re working collaboratively to engineer copy.

by Nancy Duarte
A practical guide to creating vibrant visual presentations- from the presentation experience to communicating your brand, color wheels, and font size.

“Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing”
by Mignon Fogarty
The ultimate layman’s guide to grammar rules and their exceptions. It’s clear, concise, and has an excellent index.

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