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Brand’s Overprotective Mother

April 28th, 2010

I can’t tell if what I am seeing is a gross over simplification or just a lackluster attempt to ‘spin’ a brand, get on with the show or turn a buck.

What I do know is that the inherent power of brand to tell a vibrant story, capture the essence of a working people and articulate a higher purpose is being reduced to cryptic taglines, vague images, and meaningless stories.

 Authentic brand relevance isn’t cheap or easy; it can’t be bought, prescribed or faked. Authentic brand relevance is an earned honor of distinction bestowed upon companies that are grounded in a philosophy of being, know their purpose, make connections, and relate a perspective that speaks to and engages people.
Authentic brands advance thought-leadership, part from the herd, take the high road, keep it fresh, and offer meaningful solutions in the marketplace and to the world.
Authentic brands are a holistic, matchless advantage, enlivened by people with the power to restore a lost sense of humanity and balance to business.
This is about the time that I find myself in the awkward position of assuming the role of brands overprotective and perturbed Jewish mother.When resources are tight and competition real why are organizations announcing re-branding efforts that amount to nothing more than an altered juxtaposition of their logo in a fresh splash of color with a quippy tag-line chaser? A risky practice in that it seems to attract considerable word of mouth only when the effort is considered a dismal flop, otherwise it appears to go unnoticed. A logo cannot possibly capture the story or accurately represent the collective ambitions, effort, ethics, synergy and attitudes of any people working to solve problems and achieve goals in fierce times. I’m riled when brand is repeatedly diminished to a visual interpretation when there is real work to be done. I’m incensed that any working community of people would be reduced to a meaningless or superficial level of perception. Genuine influence will cost more than cheap tricks and idle dribble.

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