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5 Extraordinary Years

August 5th, 2011

“In ordinary times, most men and women do not have radical questions about their identity.” Sam Keen

“In every society, however, there are extraordinary men and women who, for a variety of reasons, stand outside the social consensus, shatter the norms, and challenge the status quo.” Sam Keen

BlackDog was founded for such a time as this. As we celebrate our 5th anniversary we recognize that the heroes’ path is far less lonely then it used to be. Reformers and pathfinders are challenging debunked definitions of success. Renegades and visionaries are juggling, rather than ignoring, the paradoxes, tensions, and contradictions that confound the sustainable way forward. Humanists and rebels are throwing off shallow pursuits and questioning the failed ideologies, values, and purposes that guided the past to where we are today. Revolutionaries are decoding the cost, merit, and value of business as a good citizen.

In the new world order –we are all paying attention to the very real fact that when business supports people* it profits. And when it doesn’t, sooner or later, it won’t.

BlackDog was launched with one purpose- to align organizations around identities and purposes that matter. In 5 extraordinary years that ideology has only deepened.  We are on the side of those fearlessly navigating the naysayers course; doing what can’t be done in the “real world” of the ordinary or the timid.

*employees, customers, investors and community

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