365 Brand Loyalty

365: Do You Believe in Brand Loyalty?

January 13th, 2011

Do you believe in brand loyalty?

Yes, but not love at first site.

I also believe that brand loyalty gets credit that it doesn’t deserve.

There are people that are 1.) loyal, then there are people that are 2.) so busy that they are operating on autopilot, and finally there are people with 3.) no other options.

1.) I am loyal to Athol Motorcar in South Buffalo, NY. The men of Athol are the real deal; motor heads with mad skills and great heart. I trust them because they have proven to be trustworthy. I like them because they are likable. All things remaining the same…there is nothing, absolutely nothing that would sway me to consider another option.

2.) J Jill might confuse me for loyal. Technically, I’m not. Not yet. Not likely. What I am is busy and lazy. Because I don’t like to shop I gravitate towards a retailer that dresses my need, stays consistent, and removes the guesswork from my wardrobe considerations, online. I have been relying on J Jill’s Wearever collection. The colors are coordinated, the line is expansive, the pieces all travel nicely, the fabric is care free, and the designs reflect my style. Which is not to say that I won’t get tired of the get-ups or find another option that suits my fancy…I have before.

3.) I am NOT loyal to my ipod…however; I don’t have another option given the investment of time and money that I have already committed to my itunes account. I have purchased approximately 13 classic ipods in the past 5 years for my children and I. Many have been stolen. Many more have malfunctioned after the warranty has expired. Each of us has populated our itunes with our favorite uploads and downloads…hence, I am only “loyal” because my children want to be and I don’t want to recreate or reinvest in another music library.

There is loyalty…then there is laziness…and then there is no other option.

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