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365: Brand vs Advertising

January 1st, 2011

What’s the difference between a brand and advertising?

In humanistic terms the question asks “What’s the difference between a stable personality and a really snappy look?”

Brand is a commitment to deliver a differentiated service, product, and quality standard consistently.

Winston Fletcher(1) defined a very basic but sound working definition of advertising as “a paid for communication intended to inform and/or persuade one or more people.”

Brands give advertising something credible to announce and hence, persuade.

(1)Winston Fletcher is Vice President of the History of advertising Trust, Chairman of the Royal Institution governing the Advertising Standards Boards of finance, Visiting Professor in Marketing at the University of Westminster, and he serves on the advisory Council of the Barbican.
Fletcher is distinguished as the only professional to have served as Chairman of the advertising association as well as President of the IPA, and as a council member of the ASA. He was founder Chairman of the world advertising research centre. Fletcher was founder and Chairman of Fletcher Shelton Delaney; Chairman and CEO, Ted Bates UK Group; Chairman and CEO, Delaney Fletcher Bozell. He has published 12 books and over 3000 articles.

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