About Us

March 8th, 2014

About Brand Mother

Brand’s overprotective mother defending substance with style for profit and good.

We nurture the mother of all brands to life for those that have a vision big enough to include the future. We look for Catalysts, Freethinkers, Renegades and Iconoclasts that intend to accomplish what others insist can’t be done. We develop brands that fulfill their potential by leading ahead of the curve from the back of the house. Leveraging meaningful change and internal competencies, we position sustainable practices, processes and experiences to ignite genuinely differentiated brands from the inside. Our humanistic approach produces abundant rewards for everyone involved; over-taxed decision makers are offered a clear brand choice that reflects their values and takes on the future, employees benefit from meaningful work that supports their lifestyles, ideologies and ambitions and shareholders reap the returns of an indomitable brand that produces a fat share of the market pie.

All brand houses are not created equal. We are business strategists that understand the redemptive power of an explicit brand in the hands of an aligned and motivated team. We are systems engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, environmentalists, social scientists, intermediaries, narratologists, anthropologists, biotechies, and organization developers. We are uniquely qualified to practice what we preach, given that we enliven a captivating brand of our own that represents a differentiated approach, distinguished competency and perspective that produces powerful benefits and remarkable results. Brand Mother positions purpose driven, sustainable brands to own a space, inspire engagement, ignite action, shift power, grow markets, innovate forward, and compete to thrive.

What Kind of Brand Do You Want to Be?


Our brands are found in 23 countries on five continents.
Many brand houses seek projects. We seek partnerships and accept challenges. We’ve only accepted 31% of the opportunities that we have been offered since 2009.
Brand Mother was launched on August 5th, “Working Like A Dog Day”. We’ve been at it ever since.