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Differentiators…Let me count the ways

August 11th, 2009

Brands communicate attributes that in and of themselves aren’t really unique or all that different…after all…What’s so unusual about having values or a training program?redjigsaw

The differentiation is in the combination of characteristics, the ‘believability’ of the promotions and the sense that can be made of a story that relates the complexity:

The 1.) philanthropic pursuits of a 2.) sophisticated,  3.)purposed, 4.) people centric 5.) for profit 6.) green manufacturer committed to  7.) advancing health and wellness through 8.) collaborative research efforts 9.) globally 10.) across several disciplines, 11.) in the private and the 12.) public sectors that 13.) provokes new schools of thought that ultimately position the company as 14.) experts and 15.) thought leaders which propels the organization to a 16.) public role 17.) amplifying the urgency to 18.) challenge the status quo, 19.) co-create new ideologies that actually 20.) innovate solutions that 21.) invigorate the initiative to  22.) achieve the health and wellness objective and mission with their 23.) empirical research that has a 24.) further reach 25.) when the organization creates a way for the 26.) social networking community,  27.) to participate, 28.) and promote 29.) the no-risk solutions and 30.) provide real-time, feedback that the 31.) clustered synergistic efforts can 32.) monitor and 33.) evaluate 34.) across multiple disciplines and developments.

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