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How Buff is Your Brand Narrative?

September 1st, 2010

Everything that you say says something about you.

Your brand narrative is how you tell your story. It runs deeper than a marketing rollout or an advertising campaign.  Your brand narrative is told in and through newsletters, press releases, promotions, CRM, sales, programming, products, annual reports, and internal communications- day in and day out. Your ongoing narrative should reflect your brand vision and purpose, your strategic direction, your operational tactics, your intent and partnerships. If crafting your brand narrative isn’t a constant, grueling, and tedious ongoing process, then it’s likely you’re producing ineffective noise.

Wrestling your brand narrative into focus requires skill and authenticity. Calling yourself cool doesn’t make you cool and calling your brand relevant doesn’t make it relevant. Drop the ego, the corporate-bologna, and the stuffy verbiage from your self-promotions and figure out how to reflect who you really are and what you really have to offer. Narrativity is not vague or generic.

Meticulously crafted brand narratives connect with people; they gracefully distinguish your unique interests, voice, differentiators, and the powerful benefits that genuinely matter to clients and customers. Brands that make a connection, reinforce their relevance, and speak to people are identified immediately as the must-have solution; the real deal, second to none. Your brand narrative should convey the personality, style, and strengths that enliven your collective organization.

Your communications are a reflection of your brand identity and directly contribute to your brand image, whether you intended them to be or not.

Here are a few questions to help you do a quick audit of your Brand Narrative:

  • Do your messages accurately communicate your story?
  • Are your messages genuine and authentic or just feel-good self-compliments and well-worded spin?
  • Does your brand’s spunk, funk, credibility, attitude, personality, sensitivity, or vibe shine through your messages?
  • How do your messages reflect your brand identity, values, and strategy?
  • Are your messages clear and concise?
  • Do your messages speak to the real issues that concern your audience?
  • Do your messages reflect the values of your audience?
  • Are you addressing the relevant issues on the minds and the immediate ‘To-Do’ lists of your customers?

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