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365:Who Refuses Work?

March 26th, 2011

I called your firm for an estimate for a brochure. I spoke with your communication strategist, forwarded marketing and communication materials, liked you on Facebook, and looked forward to a proposal. BlackDog declined the opportunity. I thought that you didn’t have time to write a proposal. I offered to forgo the protocols, agree on a budget, and proceed. BlackDog just flat out refused the work. Who refuses work?

First things first…I am sorry that you were disappointed by our response and that your efforts were likely delayed by our decision.

2.) Asking BlackDog to create a brochure is like asking BMW to make a little red wagon.

3.) BlackDog does and will thoughtfully decline project opportunities. We take our work personal and your business serious.

The official story (and long of it) is that BlackDog Strategy & Brand integrates the efforts of spirited brands that want to know how they can do what they do differently, simpler, and smarter. We align bold brands that challenge the boundaries, explore the limits, and harness their unique organizational competencies disrupting business as usual and creating new possibilities. We operationalize bold brands that are undaunted by the popular world view; brands that refuse to pay lip service to lofty missions or shallow pursuits.

We don’t spin communications or create noise at BlackDog; we humanize relevant brands that keep it fresh and real; brands that connect their Big !dea to what truly matters. We don’t fabricate shallow myths and we’re not persuaded by the demand for contrived hype. We partner with authentic brands that have people centric priorities, a story to tell, and a genuine contribution to make.

We champion the efforts of those that view their work as a vocation and recognize their accountability to society.

The short of it is that the organization that you represented likely wanted to create awareness but A.) didn’t have anything to say or B.) wanted to say what everyone else already was or C.) wanted to concoct a perception not based on reality.

I can say for certain that we never just decline an opportunity without putting up a good fight and making a strong case for substance, relevance, and authenticity. Selling out, mimicry, and the good ‘ole “tired” and true method of doing things the way they’ve always been done just isn’t for us and mediocre should never be for you.

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