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365: What’s a brand touchpoint?

June 23rd, 2011

What exactly is a brand touchpoint?

A brand touchpoint is anything, absolutely anything, that you do in the course of conducting business that gives a customer a reason to think more or less of you.

  • Does your grocery store schlep food and goods? Or do you bring health and nutrition to the hungry masses?
  • Does it take 24-48 hours for your clinic to refill a lost prescription for an inhaler lost at camp?
  • If you blindfolded customers would they know that they were in your bank? Do your processes and customer experiences communicate a bank-centric interest? Are your branches like every other competitor’s branch?
  • Does your hospitalized patient feel more like a number in a transactional exchange than a human in need of wellness, control, information, and care?
  • Do the signs posted all over actually guide anyone to where they need to go? Who does the language that you use speak to? Who do the systems and processes benefit? Do the incentives you offer reinforce your value and genuinely address the customer’s real need?

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